How It Works

Working with Ovation is as Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4

Our programs are based upon extensive research of consumer credit laws, credit bureau tactics, and persistence for our clients. The process of working with us is easy and can be explained in four basic steps.

Sign-up and select program icon
1 Sign-Up and Select Your Plan

Sign-up online or by telephone. It's easy and only takes a few minutes. We have several customizable programs and add-ons to help you create a program for your credit repair needs. During your FREE Credit Consultation your Credit Analyst will review your Equifax credit summary to determine the best plan of action to reach your credit/financial goals. Know what is on your credit report when you are deciding which program you want! Choose from one of our two customized program options - Essentials or Essentials Plus.

Send Credit Report Icon
2Send Us Your Experian Report

We want to get your credit reports and get them imported on your case immediately so we can get started. Ovation will provide your TransUnion and Equifax Credit Summary and will import them into your case during the set-up process. The only report you will need to provide is your Experian report. If you do not have an Experian report we can assist you in the process to order and forward it to us via email, fax, or post. These up to date reports will provide us with the information we need to dispute your questionable credit items.

Dispute Manager icon
3Launch the Dispute Manager

After we import your credit reports into your case file, we will prompt you to login and activate the Dispute Manager. During this process we will ask you some questions about the content of your credit report. The answers you provide will provide us the tools we need to dispute your credit items. Our legal team and Personal Case Advisors use the law to get the best results possible and help you reach your optimal credit profile.

Relax and enjoy results icon
4 Relax and Enjoy the Results

During the dispute process, credit bureaus coordinate with the creditors on the disputed information. They have a specific amount of time allotted by law to respond. At Ovation you have the advantage of receiving your TransUnion and Equifax responses electronically for faster results. We will upload your responses onto your case file immediately for you to view online and email it to you as well. Experian will still respond to with updates in the mail, as well as creditors if you have chosen Essentials Plus. It's important, once results start coming in, to forward copies of everything you receive to Ovation. We will update your case file and take further action if necessary. Now you can relax and watch the results as your credit improves one step at a time.

Comprehensive Tools Available 24 / 7

As a client, you will have access to our complete set of tools designed to help you maximize your credit repair process. Tools include:

  • Financial Tools: How fast can you pay down your debts? How much interest will you pay? Can you pay less interest by organizing and prioritizing your debt payments? Use Ovation Financial Tools to create and maintain a payment schedule to your creditors that will save you the most money. We create the plan for you based on your goals. You pay your creditors directly.

Start repairing your credit and sign-up today.