Secure Business Solutions isn't just a slogan for us. Our founding principle was "do it right". It's not only the reason we're in business today, but the reason we're at the top of our field. When you do things right people start to notice. This page is dedicated to the kind of people that notice and value better business. We've been enthusiastic members of the Better Business Bureau for years and appreciate the work they do. We also like to feature comments we receive via email from clients that are excited about the results they receive. Thanks for the compliments and we'll keep up the great work!

Being an Accredited BBB Member

We take customer service seriously and that's why we're proud to be an Accredited Member of the BBB - Better Business Bureau. If you do not know what the Better Business Bureau is or what they do, please check out their site. They are a company put in place to grade businesses for consumers and to protect consumers. We're proud, established members and maintain an impeccable record for you to review at any time. Ovation delivers the highest quality standard for client service. Don't take our word for it, we prove it.

How Can You Tell The Good From the Bad?

It's a jungle out there! The following list identifies a few things you should consider when selecting a credit repair company:

Does the company identify their owners/attorneys, or addresses?
Unfortunately, the internet allows many scammers to appear as legitimate companies through legitimate looking websites. Before you give your hard earned money and personal information to anyone, make sure you can verify the company's information and credentials. You can verify Ovation's information from a number of independent sources including the Florida Bar, the Florida Department of State, and the Better Business Bureau.

Does the company have significant Better Business Bureau Complaints (or are not even affiliated with the Better Business Bureau)?
While any company can accrue a few random BBB complaints, significant number of complaints may be an indication that the company does not operate fairly towards its customers. Check BBB reports frequently and avoid companies that manage to accrue hundreds of complaints. To check for complaints, visit and click on "Go to Local BBBs". Question any company that chooses not to be affiliated with the Better Business Bureau; they may be trying to hide the truth about their organization. Our history with the Better Business Bureau dates back to 1976.

Does the company request fees in advance?
The Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA) requires that a credit repair company charge for services only after they are rendered. Requirements for large upfront payments are tell-tale warning signs of unethical companies. We only charge for work that has been completed in full. Learn more about the CROA in our Learning Center.

Does the company disclose your rights?
Consumers have the right to conduct their own credit report repair. You don't have to hire someone to do if for you. For those that do, Ovation offers its services to individuals seeking professionals to manage their credit report repair. Ovation discloses your rights to you on every page of our website as well as in your sign-up package. We want you to be informed and you should steer clear of any company that doesn't want you to know your rights.

Does the company advocate illegal tactics such as creating "new" identities?
Creating a new identity by applying for a Employer Identification Number to merge or replace a social security number is a serious crime and can lead to significant personal liability.

Does the company advocate fraudulent reporting of credit lines?
Purchasing a listing on someone else's credit lines for the purpose of reporting a positive account is unethical at best. Trying to con the credit bureaus and your future and current creditors is a significant issue that can lead to personal liability.

Does the company simply dispute all your negative items without requiring any input for the client?
Regardless of how they market themselves, this is a key indicator that the company is a "rookie". Not only are these types of companies violating federal law by disputing on your behalf in bad faith (which could lead to personal liability), these companies are making it more difficult for you to achieve sustainable results.

Things to Watch Out For When Choosing a Credit Repair Organization

Remember, not all credit repair companies operate the same. Many make big promises but can not deliver. Some are outright frauds. Others engage in unethical tactics for credit repair. One thing they all have in common - they look like legitimate companies on the surface.

Watch out for:

  • Companies that want to charge you at the time you sign-up for service
  • Any "free" offer that concerns you giving them your email address
  • Websites full of fake clients smiling at you or cheering
  • Companies that refuse to be or can't be BBB members
  • Companies with BBB records that reflect countless disputes with clients
  • Meager or non-existent client credit education offerings
  • Lack of customized services tailored for your exact situation or your direction
  • Companies that promise specific results by specific timeframes ("100 points in 3 months", etc.)
  • Any company with a "Dear Friend" or similar type website
  • Any company that doesn't use modern technology (like a computer) to track and organize your case
  • Companies that make promises they can't possibly keep
We're Right for You

Still not convinced we're the best choice for you? Let us prove it. We invite you to dig deep into Ovation Credit Services, our founders and our service.

You'll find that:

  • We are in excellent standing with the Better Business Bureau (with a history dating back to 1976)
  • Our staff attorneys, Case Advisors and Credit Analysts have impeccable credentials
  • Our service delivers
  • Our clients are happy

We'll give you a free consultation to supply you with detailed information about how we can help you with your exact credit problems today. There's no obligation and the only thing you have to lose is bad credit.

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